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Music of the Andes

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MESTIZO MANTA is a group of Peruvian musicians that joined to expose and

cultivate Andean music in the New England area.

The group was formed in 1994 and to this date most of its original members still play together. Pablo Mantilla, also a native from Peru, is the newest member

since the summer of 2002.

Mestizo Manta interprets different styles of music from each Andean nation. San Juanitos from Ecuador, Huaynos from Peru, cumbias from Colombia, sikuris and tinkus from Bolivia and many other Latin American folk styles.

Their melodies are performed on native instruments such as the quena (indian flute), the zamponas (panpipes), bombo/Tinya (drums), shacshas (seeds)

and palo de lluvia (rain sticks).

Also, the charango (a little guitar with five double strings born in the Andes), blended with european instruments such as the acustic guitar, mandolin and violin


For information about their services and up-coming presentations in CT and New England, please contact: Armando Zaraz˙ at:

Mestizo Manta

146 Brentwood Road

Newington, CT 06111

(860) 666-9912



Andean music from Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and South America.